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Remediation Verification Visits: Tracking Factory Progress After Inspections Are Done

With all Alliance factories inspected, a common question we get is: how do you know factories are making the required safety improvements?  The Alliance’s 32-member remediation team is entirely focused on the answer to this question — in partnership with my team, I spend five days a week in factories to verify they are making progress.

584 of our factories have received approved CAPs and are now in the remediation phase of the Alliance program. Alliance factories have an average of 87 open findings listed in their CAPs.

After the inspection, factories rely on their approved Corrective Action Plans (CAP) for guidance on how to manage remediation (you can read more about the CAP development and approval process in my colleague Wahid’s blog post). Factories work with their internal engineering teams and/or external consultants to close the findings in order to improve the safety of their factories. These changes can be physical or organizational in nature, including: (more…)