How Amader Kotha is Helping One Factory Resolve Safety Issues

The Alliance launched a 3rd party worker Helpline – called Amader Kotha (“Our Voice”) – in July 2014. It has been rolled out to 371 factories and will be introduced in the remaining Alliance factories as part of our upcoming fire safety refresher training (to be launched this fall). Since December 2014, we have received 25,256 total calls, of which 2,218 were related to substantive issues (while most of the other calls were informational or test calls made during factory trainings). The top five issues related to safety for both urgent and non-urgent calls are listed in the table below. safety 2








Amader Kotha: The Factory Perspective

By Quamrunnessa Babli and S.M. Nurul Azam

In December, we invited Alliance factory representatives to share their experiences with the Alliance Worker Helpline, Amader Kotha. The helpline provides workers a number to call if they want to report safety concerns, with the calls answered by live operators. Since July 2014, the helpline has been introduced to nearly 300 factories through trainings where (1) workers learn when to use the helpline and receive materials with the helpline number, and (2) factorie2014-12-10 16.30.16s provide internal contacts that helpline representatives call if issues are reported from their factory.  When we first launched, some factories were not eager to participate – though many supported the use of the helpline for safety issues, they were also concerned that workers might abuse it to report other concerns (or even false allegations). Five months and 6,000+ calls later, we invited factories back into the Alliance office to give us their feedback on the helpline, both the good and the bad. Here are some key findings that came out of that conversation. (more…)